Volunteer to Drive

Volunteer to Drive is a FREE service which provides daily transport to and from Dublin hospitals for radiation therapy.

Cancer Treatment involves a great deal of travelling. Patients are already dealing with the physical and emotional strains of their diagnosis, how to get to and from appointments can only add to this strain. If you are undergoing cancer treatment, we can help ease some of the strain of travelling for both you and your family.

One of our major achievements in 2014 was the purchase of our car for transporting clients. This car is manned by a team of 25 very active volunteer drivers who take clients to and from their appointments on a daily basis. The coordinator of our Volunteer to Drive Service is our Committee Member Sarah Cashman,

Should you wish to avail of this service please contact our office to register as a client and a member of our team will arrange your transport.

Tel: 0402 23590
Mobile: 085 1100066
Email: arklowcancersupport@gmail.com

**It is the policy of Arklow Cancer Support to provide a relaxed atmosphere for clients who have to undertake this journey for treatment. In doing so we strive to place no time or privacy pressure on any of our clients.**


One of the most important services Arklow Cancer Support provides is their counselling service. We have provided counselling for cancer patients, their family members, bereaved members and also children affected by cancer. It is an invaluable service and one we would not like to operate without. Our current counsellors are:

Richard has been involved in counselling for over 30 years. He holds a graduate diploma in Counselling Psychology and Therapy. As a professional Richard is an accredited Member of the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP) and is currently a member and former Chairman of IACPS Dublin Regional Committee.

Deirdre Stanley Merren MIACP (Fully Accredited)
Deirdre has been involved in counselling since 2009. She works with the Gorey Family Resource Centre while at the same time building a private practice in Gorey and Brittas Bay. Deirdre presents the Look Good Feel Better workshops as part of our service.

Hayley Rice, Play Therapy
BSocSc, HDip (Primary), PGDip Play Therapy (CTC), MHIP (In Process)

We are pleased to welcome Hayley to our team here at Arklow Cancer Support. Hayley is a qualified Play Therapist, and she is based here in Co. Wicklow.

What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapists often use play as a means of helping a child overcome a variety of issues. A child may be referred to a Play Therapist for a range of needs including: Behavioural Issues, Communication Difficulties, Trauma, Bereavement / Loss etc.

Play Therapy provides children with a safe environment in which they can play out their thoughts and feelings. Play therapy is to children, what talk therapy is to adults.

If this is a service that you feel may be beneficial for your child/children, please contact us here at Arklow Cancer Support.

Izabela Garkowska Morris
Izebela is an accredited member of the Irish Association for counselling and Psychotherapy.

Because child counselling and therapy is so specialised Arklow Cancer Support ask that you contact our office where a member of our team will guide you through the options available.

Tel: 0402 23590
Mobile: 085 1100066
Email: arklowcancersupport@gmail.com

Specialised Therapies

Specialised therapies are often required by cancer patients during their journey through their illness. Here at Arklow Cancer Support we provide specialised Lymphoedema Services and Wig and Prosthesis services.

Lymphoedema Services

This is a relatively new service to Arklow Cancer Support, and it allows us access to a lymphoedema specialist for our registered clients. We are very fortunate to be able to provide this service as there are very few qualified lymphoedema specialists in Ireland at present.

Prosthesis & Bra Fitting / Wig Fitting

Arklow Cancer Support have teamed up with Roches Positive Appearance & Wellbeing in order to provide a prosthesis and bra fitting service as well as a wig fitting service for our clients.

A clinic takes place on the last Wednesday of every month where clients can meet with a member of the Roches team for professional advice on prosthesis and bra fitting. This is an invaluable service as our clients no longer need to travel to Dublin to avail of such a service.

Mairead Garvey at Salon M a local hairdresser also provides wig fitting services on our behalf.

Appointments can be arranged through our office. Talk to one of our team to make an appointment for a specialised treatment

Tel: 0402 23590
Mobile: 085 1100066
Email: arklowcancersupport@gmail.com


Domencia Doyle (Roches)
Domencia started with Roches when they opened their Breast Care Centre in 2010.

Roches really understand that women need to try different styles, feel the quality and texture of the garments whilst feeling supported by a team with a deep understanding and expertise. Five years on and Domenica is still very passionate about making women feel like themselves again.

Mairead Garvey (Studio M)

Mairead has managed her own hair studio here in Arklow for a number of years. She is highly qualified in her field. Mairead also had wide experience in the wig fitting service and also works with the Hope Centre in Enniscorthy.

Tania King MLD Specialist

Tania has lived with Lymphoedema, she understands the disease from the inside out. This enables her to share important information on the practicalities of living with lymphoedema. She likes to work holistically and practically with patients in a caring environment. Communication and an understanding of what is going on in the body is key.

Sasha Roche Kelly - Oncology Nurse

Sasha completed her nursing studies in Hertfordshire University in the UK, where she worked as a staff nurse on an oncology ward in Mt. Vernon Hospital, Northwood, Middlesex for 3 years. She returned to Ireland in 2002 and worked as a staff nurse in Wexford General Hospital from 2003 to 2007. In 2007 she began nursing in the Oncology Day Unit of the hospital, and since then she has specialised in oncology nursing, completing her Graduate Diploma in Oncology Nursing, Masters in Clinical Practice and Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing Practice in UCD.  In 2014, she trained as a Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist (MLD).

Linton Therapy Clinic

Lisa Linton is a physical therapist who specialised in alternative and holistic health services. Lisa runs a local business and has worked with Arklow Cancer Support for the last number of years.

Complementary Therapies

Many people find complementary therapies helpful allowing them to feel more positive about life; they can also help with the physical side effects of cancer and illness.

We provide a range of complementary therapies for clients which include massage and reflexology.

Therapies are provided strictly by appointment and for all therapies we will require a doctor’s letter of consent.

Our Complementary therapies are provided for by highly qualified people at present Arklow Cancer Support works with:

Linda Mullen- Holistic Therapies 4 U

Linda is a Reflexologist and Holistic therapist, based in Arklow town and she offers a range of Holistic Therapies. Therapies on offer are Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy- Massage & Foot Reflex, Reflexology, Ear Candling, Natural Facials, and Indian Head Massage. http://www.holistictherapy.ie/

Lisa Tyrrell- Holistic Health & Wellness Centre

Lisa offers a wide range of holistic and beauty treatments at the Holistic Health & Wellness Centre situated in Lower Main Street Arklow. Therapies on offer include reflexology, hot stones, deep tissue massage, and Indian head massage

Monthly Meetings

On the last Wednesday of every month Arklow Cancer Support hold a monthly meeting to discuss relevant topics, these meetings include talks by guest speakers who are experts in their field.

Men's Group

2015 saw the introduction of a Men's group who operate under the umbrella of Arklow Cancer Support. This is a group organised by men for men and they come together on a regular basis to discuss male cancer related issues and to raise awareness of male cancers.

One to One

Where possible Arklow Cancer Support will provide a one to one service for our clients. When necessary we will seek additional guidance and advice from the Irish Cancer Society.

Telephone & Email Services

Our telephone is manned at all times including weekends.

Tel: 0402 23590
Mobile: 085 1100066
Email: arklowcancersupport@gmail.com


At the Arklow Cancer Support we have a vast library of information available on all cancer related topics, we also have access to more specialised information material if required.

On our behalf the local Citizens Information Centre assist and guide our clients on their rights and entitlements, together with Intro our local social welfare office and Mabs our local money advisory body.

Classes and Courses

Arklow Cancer Support run a number of courses as determined by the need of our clients. They include:

· Art
· Creative writing
· Conscious breath work and relaxation
· Mediation including sound meditation
· Mindfulness
· Stress Control Programme
· Yoga
· ICS Training for Volunteer Staff

Additional Events

Arklow Cancer Support Group hold a number of additional events during the year which included :

· A Breast Cancer Awareness Day ( Pink Day) held in October in conjunction with Europa Donna
· A Men's Cancer Awareness Day ( Blue Day) held in November a new initiative set up at the request of our male clients and an event that gave birth to our Men's Group. The initiative of Blue Day put Arklow Cancer support Group on the map as it is one of the first of its kind in Ireland.
· A Candlelight Service. This service is held in December as we embark on the Christmas period and it allows our clients time to reflect on their year through Ecumenical prayer and music. It is an emotional evening that highlights a great sense of solidarity and strength among the congregation.
· Christmas Party Night. Arklow Cancer Support Group host a Christmas Party for our clients in early December. This party night is hugely successful and enjoyable night . Further information and tickets are available from our office from October onwards.

How can you help?

Do you have some spare time on your hands?

Would you like to donate some of that time to help other?

Arklow Cancer Support are always looking for drivers to join our Volunteer to Drive Team. Without this team of drivers we could not provide an efficient door to door service for clients to and from hospital in Dublin when attending radiation therapies.

Volunteer to Drive is THE most important and vital service our organisation provides.

If you think you could help PLEASE contact our office and talk to one of our team to set the wheels in motion.

Tel: 0402 23590
Mobile: 085 1100066
Email: arklowcancersupport@gmail.com


There are many ways you can get involved and help support Arklow Cancer Support:

- Make a donation
- Sponsor Someone
- Organise an event in the local community, school, club or society

Planning your own fundraising event?

Why not take the initiative in your community and organise your own event. Have a laugh, make some new friends and inspire people, whilst learning new skills and fulfilling ambitions. Complete an Event Registration Form in our office and our Fundraising Team will be on hand to assist you every step of the way.

*Always remember* You don't need to spend much money putting on an event and any money that you make however large or small, will be very gratefully received.

Arklow Cancer Support will help you promote your event on our website and social media pages as well as all publicity ideas. We also provide T-Shirts and representation at your event.

**Arklow Cancer Support will ALWAYS provide a Letter of Confirmation stating that you are fundraising on our behalf provided proper procedures are adhered to.

Tel: 0402 23590
Mobile: 085 1100066
Email: arklowcancersupport@gmail.com

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